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Sydney and Cameron were as bright and delightful as their spring wedding! They had a spring wedding at an art museum, which turned out to be bright, modern, and so much fun! We paired lucite chairs with blush linens and bold florals to create a bright, yet feminine look. We loved helping Sydney and Cameron […]

A Spring Wedding at an Art Museum



  When we first being our planning process with new clients, we tell them two things. First, get started on collecting addresses and second, start looking for bridesmaids dresses. These two things always take the most time, no matter the wedding, destination, or bridal party size. Finding the perfect bridesmaid’s dress can be a difficult […]

Finding The Perfect Bridesmaid’s Dress



Picture this: you are in the ballroom of a ski lodge nestled between the slopes of frost-covered mountains. Outside, snow swirls and dances among the branches of pine trees, mimicking the flickering candles that bathe the room in gold. Rich satin bows secure slippery silk frocks hidden under fur stoles. Little girls and boys roast […]

The Pros To Having A Winter Wedding



  This past spring, we had the honor to design and style talented Photographer Heather Nan’s photography workshop. We talked about creating a design that was timeless, classic, feminine, and slightly regal. What we ended up creating was…   The Royal Wedding Done Rachael Ellen Style   We kept the design soft and romantic but […]

The Royal Wedding Done Rachael Ellen Style



  A unique wedding send-off is the perfect way to wrap-up your unforgettable night. Send-offs can reflect your personal wedding style and love story and put the perfect cap on a wonderful night! Choosing to do a send-off is a great way to involve your guests in one of the most memorable moments of your […]

Planning The Perfect Wedding Sendoff



The perfect wedding is not complete without the perfect wedding playlist. Creating a personalized list of songs that rings true to your love, your story, and your day is a great way to set the soundtrack to your event. Music creates connections and memories in a way that in unparalleled. Plus, creating a playlist will […]

The Perfect Wedding Playlist