Early this season we had the chance to design a shoot based around a stunning blush hued dress. If blush isn’t THE color of brides, I don’t know what is. Because of that, I wanted to take a fresh approach to the color blush– give it a little edge and some early season inspiration to create something new rather than something that has been done over and over again.

I was inspired but the monochrome color trend using shades of pink and blush. We all know that pinks are so overplayed in the wedding world but I think taking a modern monochrome approach makes them seem fresh and new again. The key for me was picking the right colors to make sure it felt feminine while still having a sort of edge. For example, the table linen was a sort of muddy, taupey blush while the dress was a super soft pink. These colors played together to create something a little unexpected. I also wanted to play with the peach motif using it in the color palette, cake accent, makeup, and invitation suite. The style is equal parts romantic and chic. Strong invitation suite details paired with the soft peach ribbon I dyed especially for the shoot to create exactly that style. I wanted it to give off a southern France air but not in the typical lavender fields type of way, rather something a little more luxe, romantic, and chic. the flowers were organic, undone and peachy, while still using luxe blooms to achieve the pink palette color gradation that I was looking for.

The whole thing was shot in the Travis J’s stunning studio. Invitation suite by Refine Studio, rentals by Casa de Perrin, Anthropologie, and La Tavola Linen, HMUA by Versa Artistry, Cake by Lustr, dress by Jann Marie, stunning velvet couch by Refined Vintage, and of course romantic photos by Travis J Photography.

Enjoy the shoot on Utah Valley Bride!

Just Peachy