We are an international wedding planning, design and floral design firm best known for our romantic, timeless style. Featured in the pages of global publications such as Martha Stewart Weddings, Harpers Bazzar and Vogue, our work speaks for itself. We have designed and executed hundreds of weddings from California to New England, the Caribbean to France. 

Our designs are inspired by art, romance, and our travels, and always maintain a fine-art, feminine aesthetic. We use fragrance, music, taste, and texture to elevate the visual design to an immersive experience. Rachael Ellen Events is rooted in offering impeccable client experiences and creating unforgettable events.


About Rachael Ellen Events

Cameron is the business strategy side of Rachael Ellen Events. He oversees growth and collaborative opportunities with other businesses and in other industries. He also ensures that supply needs are met, travel plans coordinated, and logistical battles conquered. Cameron takes care of many of our back end business needs. He masterfully designs many of our custom event installations and makes certain that our plans are produced to the fullest. Cameron loves working with along side Rachael for our incredible clients to produce the events of their dreams. His favorite destinations are Paris, Singapore, and the Rocky Mountains.


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Rachael focuses on design, vision, and all of the details that go into creating our signature timeless events. Growing up, Rachael was constantly creating and learning. She filled her time drawing, painting, arranging flowers, reading design books, and planning parties. When Rachael combined her organizational skill set with her natural sense of creativity, she created magic. This magic was translated into what is now Rachael Ellen Events and is poured into events across the world. Rachael loves seeing her clients' visions come to life through her design and attention to detail. Her favorite destinations are the Loire Valley and Coastal Maine. 


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Husband and wife team Rachael and Cameron love art, food, and traveling. With backgrounds in art history, business, and classical music, the pair artfully leads their team of designers with a renowned, timeless aesthetic and attention to detail. They are inspired by their world travels and the way art and beauty combine to drive emotion. 

Rachael & cameron

At Rachael Ellen Events, our team is comprised of talented designers, florists, and coordinators dedicated to making your vision a reality. While your day to day correspondence will be with Rachael or one of our Lead Planners, it takes a team to bring your vision to life. We work with vendors all over the world to create every detail of your event and we pride ourselves in pairing you with the perfect creative team.

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The seeds of creativity were rooted in me long before I ever knew I wanted to start this company. As a little girl, I watched my mother, an interior designer, create spaces filled with intention and beauty. I watched her effortlessly turn houses into homes, and I saw the fulfillment that using her creativity gave her. Like any little girl, I wanted to be just like my mother. 

In a creative and artistic family, I was exposed to many forms of beauty. I enjoyed painting, sketching, arranging flowers, planning parties, and anything that allowed me to explore the creative side of myself. I did not realize it then, but looking back I can see just how these casual creative pursuits prepared me for my career. I learned to look at the world around me in a very visual way. I learned to watch and understand how creative influence impacted other people. I learned how much art matters. 

I continued to develop as many creative skills as I could through high school and college, and considered working in design, fashion, and PR. I knew I wanted a career that allowed me to think on my feet in a fast-paced world. I loved the rush. But I also knew I wanted to be able to sit back and create. My creativity was a driving force within me and I knew that a purely analytical career would leave me stifled. 

A note from Rachael


In a series of events that can only be described as serendipitous, I took a job working in New York City for an event planning, design, and production firm. It took me only minutes to realize that this industry and career was everything I had been looking for. It was the perfect combination of fast paced reality and pure creativity. My training in this job is something I will forever be grateful for. It was this start that set me on the path to create something on my own and to develop a life and career focused around making things beautiful. 

Perusing my dream, I went out on a limb and started Rachael Ellen Events. I was nervous, but I knew that I had a unique point of view and something important to offer the industry. Since then, we have created, expanded, adjusted and grown as a company. During this process, I met and married the love of my life, Cameron, he is truly my better half and his direction over the business side of our company allows me to do what I do best—create. 

As the years have passed, our company has grown into something we are truly proud of. We feel fortunate every day to plan and produce events across the world, together. We are passionate about where we are headed and know that the best is yet to come.