When planning your wedding, considering the details of your wedding tablescape is not something that should be left to the last minute. A well set and designed table sets the tone for the entire celebration.

The overall look of a table reflects the mood of your wedding. If your style is minimal and quaint, dark and moody, colorful and playful, or classic and elegance, the combinations for wedding tables designs are endless.


Wedding Table Design Tips


While designing tables for our clients, we consider the following elements that pull together to create one cohesive and unique design.



First of all, let’s consider texture. Texture can be found in almost any detail from the linens to the florals and even the paper details. Think of Velvet linens, varied floral design, or textured stationery.  Overlooking the larger details can be a huge missed opportunity, too. The texture and shape of your seating and tables can also play a huge role in the overall design. Having a variety of textures creates interest and movement for the eye. In contrast to the idea of making everything match, use different textures to your advantage!




Another area we love to talk about is color. Table design is one of our favorite areas to play with color and often one of the most unexpected places. Picture gorgeous blue goblets or delicate pink and gold glasses. Colored candles can bring a cohesive look by evenly distributing the color vertically. We work with our couples to decide on a feel for the event rather than a limited color palette to better create a mood and a feeling. Similarly, we suggest narrowing in on a color palette so you are not working with too many options. The most obvious source for color is the florals, another category on its own.




  Florals often unite all of the elements we previously mentioned. Texture, color, shape, and quantity contribute to their impact. The looks range from large, full arrangements for a garden look to single stemmed vases for a minimalist feel, or even just vines and greenery for something fresh and modern! Florals complete the table design and take the look to another level.




Finally, customize the guest experience. You love the guests you invite and having customized details will reflect that love. We often do this through thoughtful favors or name card designs. Adding personalized details help your guests to feel loved and apart of your big day.



Written by Jessica Olsen for Rachael Ellen Events

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Wedding Tablescape Design Tips

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