Let’s just start by saying yes, you canhave the destination wedding of your dreams in Paris.

There is nowhere in the world like Paris. The city of love and light truly exceeds expectations. In our opinion, it is the most romantic, lovely place to tie the knot. Whether it’s downtown with the Eiffel Tower in the background, beautiful gardens, or a private château outside the city, Paris has it all. We promise, this fairytale is not out of reach.

So how do you do it? Here’s that advice we promised: 

Find A Venue

Paris is popular for a reason, so trust us when we say it’s important to book your venue in advance. This may mean being flexible about your desired date, or being willing to pull the trigger quickly when the perfect venue becomes available. There are so many beautiful venues to choose from, gold leaf ballrooms downtown, quaint and private chateaus in the countryside, no matter what you envision, Paris can provide. 

Expect Exclusive

By this we mean expect a smaller wedding, one with close friends and family who are there to celebrate and love you. Culturally, France has smaller weddings than we are used to here in the U.S. A guest list of around 30-50 people is common and encouraged. That being said, larger weddings are possible, just know you’ll need more time in advance to plan.

Let’s Talk Logistics

Having 11 months to one year or so to plan a Paris wedding is ideal, but of course it can be done quicker if need be. We have planned weddings in less than three weeks! Nothing is impossible in the city of light!

It is affordable! Having a smaller wedding in Paris can be comparable to having a large wedding in the States. Example: you can get double the flowers in Paris for the same cost as here in the U.S.! A little goes a long way in France.

Remember, all of your rentals, flowers, décor, and food will be from vendors in Paris. This is why it’s ideal to have a wedding planner who knows the city well and can take care of every detail for you. 

Important Legalities

You can only legallyget married in France if you are from there, or are able to provide proof of residency. Although this can be a disappointment to some, we promise it won’t take away from the significance of your big day. You can still exchange vows and have the most beautiful ceremony, you’ll just need to take care of the legal documents in the States. 

Tips & Tricks from the Experts

  • What about my dress? We always get this question and the answer is, carry-on your dress! A little known fact: planes have a small closet called the “captains closet.” Ask the flight attendant to hang your dress there, that way you won’t have to hold it on your lap the whole flight. Bonus – it won’t wrinkle!
  • Trust your wedding planner! Let them be your ultimate tour guide: travel, food, experiences- it will make everything easier on you, it may be your first time getting married in Paris, but it’s not ours. 
  • Tap into your adventurous spirit! Being more spontaneous, and going with the flow will serve you well. It’s also important to understand the cultural differences, as France is more laid back than the U.S. 
  • It will be beautiful! This is undoubted, and your day won’t be the exception. Don’t stress about the little stuff- that’s our job! 


Gmarried in Paris is about far more than a gorgeous venue, perfect flowers, and the most amazing food. You are creating a very unique experience with the ones you love most. Travelling together creates a different space, one that is more intentional and intimate. It’s more than just an afternoon or evening blocked out on your guests’ calendars. They are there for you, (come on, they flew across the world for you and went through customs!) and they are choosing to support you in the next step of your life. Suddenly, without even realizing it, your wedding becomes a beautiful bond for everyone who attends, and leaves them with memories to last a lifetime!

If you loved this advice, visit our blog for more Destination Wedding tips! Or, view our portfolio to view other French weddings!

Written by Amanda Christoper for Rachael Ellen Events

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