This year, Pantone has chosen yellow as the color of the year. Every year, when they select the Pantone Color of The Year, the wedding industry starts buzzing. How To Use The Pantone Color of The Year In Your Wedding … it is easier than you think! Below we share four easy ways to use yellow in your wedding! These inspiration photos have us beyond excited to incorporate yellow into our 2021 and 2022 wedding designs.

4 Ideas To Use The Pantone Color of The Year In Your Wedding

Flowers are a the most obvious but arguably the most impactful place to use the Pantone Color of The Year is in your wedding day blooms! Caramel Antike roses, Butterly Ranunculus, or bright yellow Ranunculus – all of these picks add just the perfect touch of color.

Wedding Cake! You want to incorporate a touch of yellow but not too much? Your wedding cake is the perfect answer! From golden wafer blooms to sugar flower roses, this is the perfect small touch of color.

Your tablescape is a great place to incorporate added color. Through taper candles or fall foliage, adding a touch of yellow to your wedding table is the perfect way to incorporate the color. Tall taper candles create a luxe feel where Autumn foliage add an organic, seasonal element.

Wedding Details! It’s all in the details – and it really is! Consider a touch of yellow on your vintage stamp set, a name card tassel, or even your wedding chairs! From small impact to large, these ideas will give the perfect amount of added color.

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Photography by Kenzie Victory, Jacque Lynn, Eden Strader, D’Arcy Bennincosa, Mary Claire, Sophie Kaye, and Molly Carr

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How To Use the Pantone Color of The Year In Your Wedding