Have you been dreaming of being part of our team? Our Rachael Ellen 2021 Internship application is officially open! Click on this link to fill out the internship application form. The application will close on JANUARY 31st at 11:59 PM. Applicants will be notified of their status the first week of February.

The Internship

We are offering several different internships this coming year focused on the main aspects of our work. Please read the descriptions below and contact us with any questions.

This year, we are taking a more structured approach to our internships. We will be selecting interns based on specific categories with clearly outlined, individual roles. Read each of the roles below before selecting which role/roles you would like to be considered for.

Floral Intern:
Our floral interns will have a focused responsibility in assisting with event floral preparation, processing, arranging, and day of installation. This is perfect for the intern who is eager to learn more about floral design, large scale installations, and is not particularly interested in the design and planning side of our work.

Event Intern:
Our event interns will primarily focus on event day setup, running of events, and strike. These hours are often long and grueling, but necessary for anyone interested in a career in events. This is perfect for the intern who is specifically interested in full scale production and execution, and learning more about how we balance design and logistics. This intern will also learn the process of large scale, cohesive design, vendor interaction, and networking.

Social Media Intern:
Our social media interns will focus on the marketing side of our work. From Instagram to Pinterest to Facebook to TikTok – we will have you focus on ways to creatively share the work that we do at REE. This will also include work on various publication projects, blog posts, copy writing, and any marketing outreach projects that come up. This is perfect for the intern who is social media savvy, great at communicating, and wants to learn the marketing that goes into a creative business.

This year we are offering two unique positions that will give the most exposure to the industry and prepare you the best for a future position at REE or elsewhere. In these roles, you will work directly and regularly with Rachael and Jessica and develop a full view of the industry and a wide range of applicable talents.

Jessica’s Assistant:
Jessica works closely with Rachael on a daily basis on a wide scope of work. This intern will be Jessica’s right hand. You will learn the behind the scenes of social media, running events, and client contact. They will have the opportunity to assist in the design process, help with event research and vendor communication, and assist with planning. This intern is interested in learning about the current industry trends and innovating fresh ideas. Jessica’s intern will also participate in floral, event, and social media projects.

Rachael’s Assistant:
Rachael’s intern will work with her on a daily basis on a variety of tasks related to the entirety of the business. This intern will have the opportunity to assist in the design process, assist with event preparation and execution, and learn the ins and outs of planning, design, floral design, social media, networking, client outreach and running a business. Rachael’s intern will participate in every aspect of the business.


  • Do I have to travel to be onsite for events? As many of our events are destination, we evaluate the team we need on site on a case by case basis. If you are chosen to be part of our destination team, we will cover all of your travel expenses.
  • Do I have to be based in Utah, NYC, or France to intern for you? While we would prefer to have you in those locations, we will evaluate applicants from other locations on a case by case basis.
  • Is the internship paid? Our interns complete 1 wedding season before potentially moving into a paid “freelance” position. We evaluate all of our interns performance at the end of the season and determine if they are a good fit for our team moving forward.
  • Is the schedule flexible? Yes and no. Interns are expected to be available for ALL weddings and events. We can make exceptions for some situations, but generally, you need to keep open availability on the weekends from April through October. Your workflow during the week is flexible. You can work when and how you want to, so long as you are prompt in responding to emails and get your projects finished by the deadlines.
  • Do your interns ever go on to work for you? YES! Many of our core team members started out as interns. We love getting to know you, seeing how you fit in with our team, and watching you learn and progress into an asset for our team.

If you have any other questions about the internship, please reach out via our contact from on our website. To view more of what we do, visit our Instagram, Portfolio, or blog!


Rachael Ellen 2021 Internship