Welcome to our new website! We are so excited you are here and to be sharing our gorgeous new site design and logo rebrand with you. Over the past several months, we have been working hard to develop a new site that reflected our brand’s style and direction while both focusing on the future of our company and staying true to our romantic, feminine style. As our business has changed and grown over the years, so has our direction and ideal clientele. With these changes we have been able to narrow in on a refined aesthetic creating a brand known for curating experiences rather than just events. We could not be happier with the new Rachael Ellen Events Branding and web design.


For our site design, we worked with the talented Jacki of Foil & Ink. Her work is incredible and her attention to detail in unparalleled. If you haven’t already had a chance, view some of our favorite new pages below!






When we first began talking about our new website with Jacki, we knew we wanted something a little more refined, classic, and with an old-world, European feel. Our old site and logo had a more modern approach which was gorgeous at the time, but was not in line with our focus on destination weddings and so much of our work being out of the country.


Jacki absolutely nailed our vision and took the design further than we would have ever thought possible. The end result is a site that beautifully portrays our work, our services, and the direction of our brand. If you are looking for someone to translate your vision and brand direction into a beautiful site, Jacki is your girl.





Our new logo was designed by Mikyla of Ink & Press Co. She is not only incredibly talented but has also been around our work for quite some time. This was a huge advantage to us because she has seen the evolution of our brand. We wanted to transition from our more refined modern logo to something that was more regal, timeless, and luxe feeling. The new logo will stand the test of time with classic inspirations from The Met, old French Botany books, and European family crests. Our primary logo is classic and bold but maintains a sense of femininity.



The logo variation is one of our favorite elements of our new logo design. This design incorporates our signature “RE” but with a new twist. The design is inspired by old European family crests and the florals are scans out of vintage botany books. The overall look highlights the fact that we are also floral designers while maintaining the classic, timeless appeal. Our sub-marks are the perfect little logo for us to stamp on just about everything! We love the versatility of the design and how all of the pieces play together.





For our color palette, we wanted something that felt regal, French, and timeless. We chose to stick with a calming set of neutrals including Bone, Crème, and Galena. These neutrals remind us of stone architecture and old world details. Gold was an obvious choice for us as regal and luxe were some of our key words. French Blue was another great selection with Paris being one of our main inspirations for the new design and in our work. Instead of a harsh black, we opted for a more muted Charcoal to create a softer feeling.



The fonts and description words helped us to stay on track with the core goals of the design. BODONI as our main font is both fashionable and classic, two things necessary to our brand. As describing words, we chose to focus on timeless, romantic, fine art, delicate, regal, and luxe. These words kept us rooted in our direction and created a gorgeous end design.




If we can give any advice on branding and creating your personal direction, it would be to source inspiration in the right places. Instead of coming to Mikyla with copies of other designers logos or websites, we sought inspiration in the world around us! For inspiration, we looked to architecture, art, design, and the organic world to guide us toward images that spoke to us and our direction.


View some of our inspirations below and be sure to follow us on Pinterest to see more of the things that inspire us!



To view more of our work, visit our portfolio page here!


Website Design: Foil & Ink

Logo Design: Ink & Press Co.


Rachael Ellen Events Branding