Selecting where you will host your wedding can be a tough decision. Maybe getting married in your local town is not your cup of tea. Or maybe you both share a love for travel and adventure you’re trying to figure out where on this globe you’ll have a destination wedding. Where can you look for Travel Tips for your Destination Wedding? How can you select the perfect spot?

For most couples, this is a tough decision to make especially if both of you hail from different parts of the globe.

The trouble of destination weddings doesn’t start and stop with picking the venue. You need to figure out the travel logistics, planning, and accommodation for not just you but also all of your guests. And then there are limitless other logistics – wedding gift delivery, wedding insurance, vendors… the list goes on and on!

So, what should you do? What tips and resources can you use to plan?

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 Here Comes the Guide

Well, you can’t have a destination wedding without a destination. And that is where Here Comes the Guide comes in. They have carefully reviewed and partnered with a selection of wedding destinations hosting companies that might just interest the traveler in you.

For instance, they recommend Vacations with Flair as one of their top partners. This company works on an appointment basis only, in Chicago, Illinois. Better yet, the team actively consults with the couple to get to know their needs and wants, thus placing much effort in ensuring your dreams are made a reality.

The best part is that any couple who uses their services via Here Comes the Guide gets a $1,000 discount off their destination wedding package, at selected resorts.

In case you are interested in spinning the globe up to Mexico, Hawaii, and the Caribbean, then LovinAway is another partner from Here Comes the Guide that might interest you. Couples who use this company’s services via Here Comes the Guide get a complimentary Mr. and Mrs. T-shirts (yes, their freebies are not that enticing).

However, their package comes with a dedicated romance expert who’ll handle the nitty-gritty of your travel, destination wedding, and honeymoon. You also get the VIP treatment – accessing the most luxurious amenities in the resort you’ll get booked in. This is thanks to their special partnerships with Hawaiian, Caribbean, and Mexican hotels and resorts. And apart from the romance expert handling the planning, a set of tour operators will also be with you to offer travel assistance before and during the getaway.


Have you ever heard of wedding insurance?

Yes, weddings get insured. And for a destination wedding, this is paramount given how expensive mishaps can be., offer that much-needed destination wedding insurance. This cover runs from the planning, rehearsals, up to the final event. The cover comes in two types – event cancellation and postponement, and event liability and property damage insurance.

Groomsmen Gift Ideas

Even though your wedding will be at a far off location, you should still consider bridal party gifts. With that, there will be much to figure out logistically. Specifically, you need to figure out what you’re going to gift your groomsmen and how you’ll get the gifts delivered. Groomsmen Gift Ideas covers that for you. The vendor offers a wide array of groomsmen gifts that you can choose from. You can select gifts based on a category or best sellers. And while you’ll be tempted to plan for the travel logistics once you’ve bought the items, a pro tip is to have the vendor deliver them to the destination wedding location. One of our favorites include the Deck of Cards! What a perfect gift for groomsmen traveling to your destination wedding!

If you are in the market for favors, remember to keep them small and easily packable! A few of our favorites include this wine stopper, salt and pepper shaker, and these magnets! We love the idea of including something that is authentic to the destination you are getting married in. For example, if you are getting married in Tuscany wine country, consider this bottle opener or these festive wine bottle tags!

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Travel Tips for your Destination Wedding