Are you creative, organized, and a hard worker? Do you love weddings, social media and all things flowers?
Great news! We are taking on our new team of 2019 interns! Apply via this link before February 14th for a chance to work with our team. We will be taking on event, floral, and social media marketing interns to work with our 2019 team.



Social Media & Marketing

Rachael Ellen Events is looking for a social media and marketing intern to help assist in daily, weekly and monthly marketing and PR tasks. Interns will be responsible for a variety of social media based daily projects, under the director of our Marketing Head Jessica. This intern will also be responsible for a variety of other social media platforms. This internship can be paired with any of our other internships for a maximum impact experience. Our ideal candidate has a great understanding of the social media world, great communication skills, and a desire to learn more about the business side of event planning and design.

Floral Design

Our floral interns assist in floral design and production for our events. The tasks related may include processing, prepping supplies, designing arrangements, assisting in onsite floral installations and cleanup. The ideal candidate is creative, has a visual eye, and is able to work long, hard hours. We are often working late, in the heat, in the cold, and standing for 12+ hours at a time. You must be able to keep up physically with the demanding schedule of floral design.

Event Planning

Our event planning interns assist with event production and execution. The primary focus for these interns is to learn what it takes to produce and event from start to finish. Interns will assist in setup, running the event, and strike. These hours can be very long and setup can be exhausting. The ideal candidate is a hard worker, has a visual eye, and is able to professionally carry out event production duties.

Floral & Event Design

We offer an internship for those looking to learn more about floral and event planning. These interns will participate in both event planning and floral design tasks as outlined above. The ideal candidate for this position is willing to go above and beyond to get the job done, has a visual eye, and is eager to learn the ins and outs of the business.

The Schedule

We maintain a flexible schedule to accommodate for summer schedules, school, work etc. With this, we ask our floral and event design interns to sign up for events on an event by event basis. A few weeks before each event, Rachael will decide who she needs and will let you know if you are scheduled for that event.

For events out of the country, we take the same approach. Interns, freelancers, employees, etc. all sign up for the dates they are available. Rachael will then decide who she needs on her team for each event. If you are selected for an out of town event, REE will cover your travel and accommodation.


This are unpaid internship positions. Once an intern has completed 100 hours of work for REE, they will be considered for freelance paid positions on our team.

For more information, please email Rachael at


2019 Rachael Ellen Team

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