5 French Traditions to Include in your French Wedding

Whether you are getting married in France or if your personal wedding vision draws upon French style, consider including a few French Wedding traditions to fully immerse yourself and your guests in your wedding experience!

1. Announcements and Invitations

Did you know the term RSVP is French? It stands for “répondez still vous plait,” or answer please. If you’re hosting a wedding dinner where you will need a specific count, simply write out this phrase and include other French terminology to set the mood of your très élégant wedding!

2. Grand Entrance

It is traditional that at the start of the wedding ceremony, once all the guests are seated, that the grooms walks down the aisle escorting his mother to her seat. He is followed by the bridal party which includes flower girls throwing petals and boys carrying the rings. Next, the blueing bride walks down the aisle with her father as guests admire her beauty and the intimate moment of a father giving away his daughter. This is a perfect, classic way to incorporate tradition into your French Wedding!

3. The Cake

Not that into cake? Follow the French custom of what they call a croquembouche! It is essentially a pyramid of cream puffs, decorated with delicate blooms or greenery! Another take on the croquembouche is to replace the crème puffs with a different French pastry like macarons. Either way, you can’t go wrong!

4. The Champagne

If you plan to serve Champagne at your wedding, the French would suggest presenting it with achampagne pyramide. You’ve seen it in movies during the classiest of parties. It certainly serves as a Wow factor your guests will always remember! Nothing says chic like a Rosé tower! The photos will be timeless and give an added “wow” factor to your wedding toast!

5. Grand Exit

Leave your fairytale wedding giddy while guests throw rice or confetti over you as you leave the church or venue. This tradition symbolizes warding off evil spirits and bestowing prosperity and fertility on the newlyweds. It also makes for an unforgettable picture moment to look back on.

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Written by Gabrielle Sorensen for Rachael Ellen Events


5 French Traditions to Include in your French Wedding

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