This design was inspired by real brides and the process of creating something that is true to their vision, location, and their love. Often these three things don’t necessarily blend, but with intentional details and thoughtful design, you can create not only a beautiful balance but a playful mixed design that is absolutely unique to the couple. In this case, the location was Scottsdale Arizona. This is the desert – the landscape is rugged, it is hot, and it evokes a more exotic feel. Our bride was absolutely timeless and classic. Her color palette was soft, pink, and very traditionally bridal.

Our design was centered around pairing the rugged dessert with this romantic, classic vision. The key to this design was bridging the classic and desert gap with romantic and edgy bridal details. The bride wore a gorgeous Claire Pettibone gown that was equal parts classic and romantic. The beaded, textured lace played off the landscape while the cape and lace created an ├╝ber classic and romantic look.

The Design

We chose a sleek bridal updo and gorgeous, glowing bridal makeup. Her three ring stone engagement ring was the perfect mix of classic but not too classic. The groom wore a timeless black suit really emphasizing and rooting the classic nature of the design. This handsome look paired next to hers created a regal desert look that felt very unique to them. The day of details played a huge role in the over design success.

The paper goods, designed by Ink & Press Co. Donned a combination of luxe textures and romantic details to pair the desert with the romantic look. Gold foil on handmade paper with a custom floral envelope liner created the perfect compliment to the design. Other favorite paper elements included the art sketch florals as well as the scrolled name cards and boutonniere tags. 

The Table Design

Instead of decorating only the bride and grooms chairs, we opted for floral decor on the entire head table. The florals were focused on a romantic, feminine side of the design. We used shades of white, rose, and blush to create dimension in the subtle palette while using textural elements like spring Spirea, Sword Fern and mint to balance the feminine feel of the design. Our bridesmaids held all sweet pea bouquets – one of our favorite 2019 floral trends. This allowed the brides bouquet to really stand out and gave them something soft and understated to hold.

Our flower girl wore a simple, classic spray rose crown to complete the classic, timeless section of our design. Overall, this look was all about pairing two things that don’t naturally go together. Desert doesn’t have to mean bohemian – ballroom doesn’t have to mean classic – beach doesn’t have to mean casual! It’s all about creating unique interpretations of the location centered around what makes our clients unique and that will make their love story stand out.

As seen Style Me Pretty

Photography by Ashley Rae

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Soft and Romantic Desert Wedding in Arizona