When it comes to planning your destination wedding, we know it can be stressful. From working with your planner about what you envision for your perfect day, organizing travel and accommodations for your guests, to picking out your invitations… the list goes on and on! It can be hard to ask for help with so much to do. 

Don’t forget about your other half! We are here to tell you 6 jobs your fiancé can do when it comes to planning your destination wedding. Because more likely than not, even if they don’t say it aloud, they like helping you and don’t want you to plan your dream day alone. Bonus – they may even like these tasks! 

1. Plan the Honeymoon

Now this is probably the most fun and rewarding job for you and your fiancé. You’re already in an amazing destination location, so what could be better than seeing what activities your groom plans when the guests are gone and it’s just the two of you! A little surprise is always a good idea and he will have so much fun researching your gorgeous destination. 

2. Suit Shopping

With a few guidelines in place, if needed of course, (suit color, wedding style, etc.) send your groom off for a day to shop for his suit, shoes and maybe even a haircut and shave, because why not. Your man will feel excited to be looking sharp! He could even turn it into a day with the boys. 

3. Oversee Their Family Guest List

Whether your destination wedding is small and intimate, or a party with a lot of extended family, put your fiancé in charge of who is and isn’t coming from their side of the family – keeping it organized and less stressful for you and the planner! This will take off the family wedding stress from you and allow him to be connected with his guests!

4. Register for Gifts!

When registering for gifts, take your fiancé with you for date night and share the login for the websites so he can help keep the registry up to date. Besides, these gifts are for the both of you and who doesn’t love scanning endless items you can’t afford yourself! Who needs dinner and a movie when you can do dinner and gift shopping?!

5. Build the Menu

If you’re like us, we believe food is a key element to any wedding. With most of our couples, if the groom cares about anything it is the food. Give your groom the job of finding a caterer and the two of you can go through menu options together to create your dream feast!

6. Create a Wedding Playlist

Odds are you are going to want music during your destination wedding weekend (whether it’s while getting ready or background noise during dinner) and what better way to do that than a single Spotify playlist with all of your favorite music! This is certainly a job your fiancé will be excited for and love! Not to mention how special this playlist will be after the wedding is over!         

At the end of the day your fiancé wants you to be happy and help you when planning your dream destination wedding, all you have to do is ask! Remember, he’s your better half and you are his! 

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Written by Annie Measom for Rachael Ellen Events

Photos by Kenzie Victory, Mary Claire, and Ashley Rae


6 Jobs Your Fiancé Can Do When Planning Your Destination Wedding

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