You and your fiancé have decided on the destination wedding of your dreams – congratulations!  Now for the next big question: do you plan it yourself? Or do you entrust your big day to a destination wedding planner?  Trusting an expert might just save you time, money, and stress.  Here are 6 reasons for you to love your destination wedding planner. 

We Know the Area

Whether you’re venturing to a new and exotic locale or revisiting a favorite destination, it’s helpful to have a planner that knows the area.  We can streamline the process of finding the best venues and hotels. We can even map out travel routes for your guests! Trust an expert that knows the ins and outs of the location.

We Speak the Language

Sometimes this may literally be necessary (parlez-vous français?), but all wedding planning requires translation from the industry terms to everyday language! Example… “Per guest is $30++ on-premise.”  Say what?  A destination wedding planner will skillfully walk you through the options available. This way you and your fiancé can make the best decisions possible.  

We Know the Best Local Food

Wouldn’t it be amazing to serve a traditional Italian meal to guests at your villa wedding? Destination wedding planners know the local food scene and can recommend some delicious treats to honor the location while still appealing to a diverse crowd of wedding guests.  Instead of escargot, how about treats from a local pastry chef?

We Know the Customs

Every country, city, and culture has its own unique customs and values that make it special. Whether it’s providing insight into a local tradition that could be incorporated into your ceremony or advising you on how to greet people, a destination wedding planner helps to make your whole experience memorable and enjoyable.  

We’ve Been There

Aside from actually having been to your destination – scouting venues, interviewing vendors, and sampling local delicacies – we have also “been there” when it comes to planning weddings.  We know what needs to be done and when and we can ease you through the process of creating a magnificent celebration of love.  

We Have Connections

You know how really well-connected and wise people always have a “guy” they can call on no matter the situation? “Car trouble? No worries, I’ve got a guy.” “Broken sprinkler? I got a guy for that.” Your destination wedding planner knows all the “guys.”  From the local tailor to the neighborhood Uber driver, we’ve got you covered.    

Come on, what’s not to love about someone who can make your life easier and make your special day even more memorable?  

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Written by Maddy McDonough for Rachael Ellen Events


6 Reasons to Love your Destination Wedding Planner