It can be easy to fall in love with a beautiful venue, especially when it’s an outdoor garden that encompasses all things green and airy. Having an intimate wedding affair means the bride and groom can celebrate with those closest to them while enjoying Mother Nature’s splendor. With planning, having an intimate garden can be beautiful and special.

Limit the Guest Count

When it comes to wedding celebrations, choosing the right venue and finalizing the guest count are one of the most important aspects. A wedding is only intimate if the guest count is smaller and does not include your family’s 300 closest friends. Shortening the number of guests can be difficult but is worth it; there is a more personal the celebration and the atmosphere will be more relaxed. Thinking about your closest relationships will help you decide who should be invited to your wedding and allow you to go above and beyond for your guests. 

Design With Lighting

With an outdoor garden wedding there are so many decor options available, especially with light fixtures. This includes bistro lights, paper lanterns, and cascading string lights. For a romantic vibe you can drape bistro lights from one tree branch to another, creating a cozy and soft effect. If you want to mix and match with chandeliers you can also hang chandeliers from the tree branches above your guests’ tables and dance floor while also stringing the bistro lights across well-placed poles. For a final classic and elegant touch, you can hang cascading string lights to create a dreamy glow, reminiscent of a starry night. 

Pay Attention to the Details

The smaller the wedding, the more attention to detail there will be. From finalizing decor ideas to making your guests happy, the tiny wedding day details are important. With a garden space you have the opportunity to get creative with the table and seating arrangements and can have add-ons such as furniture and lounge areas. This helps mix up the space and adds an extra touch to the layout. What’s most important is to enhance the details that matter most to you, no matter what your guests will have an experience they will always remember. 

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What makes an Intimate Garden Wedding?

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