Miya and Jun were wed on a gorgeous spring day with a Colorful Loire Valley Château wedding at Château Challain. The grounds of the castle were absolutely spectacular and the bride had not one but seven dress changes.

The Celebration

The wedding dinner had a “dark forest” theme. They enjoyed a lovey dinner in the gardens before they explored the vast grounds of the castle. The wedding began with an intimate ceremony down a floral lined walkway with the castle as the backdrop. Guests then enjoyed drinks and hours d’oeuvres before a candlelit dinner outside.

Unfortunately, the rain had other plans so dinner was moved into the Medieval ballroom with dancing in the grand entrance. The guests enjoyed an incredible firework show before ending the night with champagne, dessert, and dancing. A Colorful Loire Valley Château Wedding wouldn’t be complete without a bit of dramatic flair! The fireworks added just that.

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Photography by D’arcy Bennincosa


A Colorful Loire Valley Château Wedding

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