Planning a wedding in Paris? Hopefully you have found an English Speaking Wedding Planner in Paris to help you navigate the process. If not, we would love to chat with you more about your day! Below are 5 phrases that we think you need to know when planning your wedding in the city of light!

Communication is Key

Communication is key! If you are an English speaking bride or groom who is dreaming of a gorgeous wedding in Paris, then you will want to consider entrusting your big day to an English Speaking Wedding Planner in Paris that can capture your vision. We know how stressful wedding planning can be. Why make it more complicated with a language barrier? Paris is one of the most sought after locations in the world for weddings. We’ve been there and we’ve done that! Our team of English speaking wedding planners take the stress of planning a wedding off of your plate. We make it easy to communicate your creative desires with local suppliers and vendors in Paris, France.

English Speaking Wedding Planner in Paris

A Lesson in French

In case you wanted to brush up on your love language, here are five french terms and phrases to describe the Parisian wedding of your dreams. Don’t worry, they sound great in English too.

  1. Très Chic. The phrase literally means ‘very stylish.’ Whether you are picturing an elegant floral bouquet or a breathtaking venue, this phrase captures Parisian tastefulness and style all in one.
  2. J’adore. This expression can be used to show enjoyment or delight. It also means ‘I love.” How fitting for a romantic event in Paris?
  3. Voilà. This is a word with many meanings. Here it is most fitting to use in place of the English phrase “well, there you have it.” If you’ve just laid eyes on your dream bridal gown for your Paris wedding, one might say “Voilà, she said yes to the dress!”
  4. Luxe. You guessed it! The French use this term to describe indulgence and luxury. We know this style all too well!
  5. Bonheur. This means ‘happiness’ or in other words what your big day is all about!

And voilà, you’ve passed your first French lesson. Luckily, you can put the flashcards away and leave the translating to us. We’ve got your back. Our English speaking team can help you visualize and interpret your dream Parisian wedding without the stress. So leave the communication to us and avoid the guesswork. This way you and your fiancé can make the best decisions possible and fully enjoy your special day in Paris. 

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Written By Raphaella Mercier for Rachael Ellen Events

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English Speaking Wedding Planner in Paris Shares 5 Phrases you Need to Know