The perfect wedding in Paris is not complete without the perfect wedding flowers! Thus, having a Paris Wedding Florist you trust is key! Below we break down a few great ways to have unforgettable florals for your wedding in Paris!

Know What You Want

There are flower shops and florists all over Paris. But to get what you want, you need to work with a professional. Work with your Paris Wedding Florist to come up with a general design plan. Start with the general scope of what you want for flowers. If you want a wedding with lots of flowers, we suggest you use a Paris Wedding Florist or wedding planner. While there are many beautiful floral shops in the city of light, you need an event specific designer. Work with this designer to create a floral plan perfect for your event style, budget, and needs!

Working With Your Paris Wedding Florist

After you hire your Paris Wedding Florist or wedding planner, you must give them an idea of the general style you want. Discuss with them the types of flowers that will be in season on your special day. Once you know the types of flowers that will be in season, you and your Paris wedding florist or wedding planner can agree on the specific overall style. Most importantly, trust them! They know far more about the market and the actual product than you do. Don’t get stuck on a specific flower type or variety. Trust your Paris Wedding Florist to do their job!

How Do You Choose a Style?

There are so many different styles for a Paris wedding. Your floral style will depend largely on whether your wedding will be located at a ch√Ęteau in the French countryside, in the city, or on in a charming hotel or outdoor venue. While the style combinations are virtually endless, having a design to fit your venue setting is a great way to make everything feel cohesive! Consider the following:

  • If you prefer the French countryside, a soft, dainty style florals will suit the occasion and provincial setting.
  • If you prefer the city, a bold or contemporary design of flowers might fit better! But, given that Paris is the most romantic city in the world, you could still get away with a garden style design.
  • If you prefer a charming hotel or outdoor venue, a romantic garden style of florals would be a great fit! Lean into the romance of your venue.

Be open and flexible with your Paris Wedding Florist for the best results! Creativity always produces the best results. Make sure you give them the freedom to be creative!

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Written by Kennedy Carman for Rachael Ellen Events

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