There is nothing more magical than ending your wedding celebration with a beautiful, relaxing honeymoon. One of our favorite destination wedding locations, of course, is France. But where do you go from there? France has such a wide variety of incredible regions as well as gorgeous neighboring countries. No matter where you choose for your honeymoon, your Wedding in France will not be the only amazing part of your wedding celebration!

Europe offers some very unique and wonderful locations. Just a short train ride away from your wedding venue, you can find yourself quickly arriving in some of the world’s most beautiful countries!


Here you will find yourself surrounded by some of the most breathtaking scenery. Dotted with great lakes, you can enjoy a romantic dinner cruise, while enjoying the views that surround you in every direction. There are many quaint, charming towns throughout Switzerland where you can wander for hours. And, of course you have the Swiss Alps – perhaps the most astounding mountains you will ever encounter. Along with the many great activities and places you can go, you will be able to make so many incredible memories here.  We recommend Lucerne or Zürich for the couple who wants incredible food, scenery, and an old world atmosphere.


Many couples feel that they have already traveled so far to get to France, they would prefer to stay in France for their honeymoon. A great option for this couple is Bordeaux, France. Here you can enjoy elegant wine tastings in the very city named “The City of Wine.” There are many great palaces and famous land marks to visit as well if you are wanting explore. This is the perfect place for you to sit back and enjoy your first few days as newly weds in the incredible country you were married in!


Just a short 3-hour flight away, you can find yourselves in the stunning country of Greece. Greece has so much history and many amazing places to see such as the Acropolis of Athens and Mount Olympus. Greece is perfect for the couple who wants to enjoy a few days of sun and relaxation on the water. With some of the most astonishing beaches and architecture that can be found, Santorini which is known as the “haven for honeymooners.” No matter which Island you choose, you are sure to have a relaxing experience in Greece!


Finally, one of our favorite places for honeymooners is Italy. There are many different places you can explore, from the beaches on the Amalfi Coast to the quaint towns of Tuscany. And the food! It is hard to find better food anywhere in the world. Everything about this country feels romantic! Italy is the perfect honeymoon destination for art and gelato lovers alike! We recommend Positano for beach lovers, Florence for art lovers, and Lake Como for those who want some private peace and quiet.

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Photos by Molly Carr, Kenzie Victory, Molly Zaidman and Emily March

Written by Mercedes Matley for Rachael Ellen Events


Our 4 Favorite Honeymoon Destinations for After Your Wedding in France

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