Have you been planning the wedding of your dreams for years only to have had those plans squashed by the current state of the world? Or, have you been the type that has always dreamed of the intimacy of small wedding celebration? No matter the answer, if you are going to Plan A Micro Wedding, make it special! Our 5 Tips will help you check all the boxes needed to make your celebration feel as special as you have always dreamed of. Let us walk you through the steps of how to perfectly Plan A Micro Wedding.

1. Don’t Skip On the Paper Details

Just because you are having a smaller wedding doesn’t mean you can’t have a beautiful invitation. Consider sending out gorgeous and personalized paper goods to your guests before hand. For your day of paper, don’t forget to amplify the ambiance with name cards, menu cards, and even program cards. This way, if any close family members aren’t able to make it, you can share the paper goods with them later on as a mommento.

2. Get Dolled Up

Even though you aren’t preparing for a party of hundreds of people, having your hair and makeup professionally done will make you feel your best and will make for better photos. And, since so many people will not be in attendance, sharing photos from your wedding where you feel amazing is a huge plus!

3. Consider Your Tablescape

With smaller guest counts you are able to do so much more with your guest dining tables. Go all out with gorgeous china, linens, glassware, and all of the details that will make each setting feel 100% you and 100% special. If you have a very small group, consider purchasing these tabletop goods rather than renting them. That way, every time you use them in the future you can think back on your special day.

4. Outfit Change – or Don’t!

With large receptions, a bridal outfit change is common for the reception or getaway. Just because you have a smaller guest count doesn’t mean that you can’t have two fashion moments! If you want to change, do it! Similarly, don’t feel like you need to scale back on your dream gown just because the scale of your wedding might have changed. Do exactly what you want to do, 100% of the time!

5. Don’t Forget Why

Don’t forget why you are there! Yes, the details will be gorgeous and you will have so much fun celebrating. But at the end of the day, you are marrying the love of your life and that is the purpose and meaning behind every part of this celebration. Remember, it is a party not a performance!

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Photography – Allen Warner | Tabletop Rentals – Wild Studio | Venue – River Bottoms Ranch | Paper Goods – Caitlin O’Bryant Design | Floral, Design, Planning – Rachael Ellen Events


Plan A Micro Wedding – 5 Tips To Make It Special