Palm Arch

Getting married on the beach? Palm arches are a simple and stunning way to frame you while you are reading your vows. Consider using large single fronds as a single arch or as multiple arches leading down the aisle. The simplicity of the palms will look amazing in all of your photos, guaranteed. 

Coconut Water Station

A water station is a must for a tropical wedding but you don’t have to sacrifice style for function. Marry fun and function with a coconut water station. Ask your caterer to serve fresh coconut water straight from the source or use coconuts as your glass for ice water. Your guests will love the authenticity of the coconut water and they will thank you for keeping them cool and hydrated in a memorable way. 

Single Bloom Bouquets and Table Runners

Single bloom bouquets make a chic and stunning statement especially with tropical flowers. As tropical flowers tend to be bold and distinctive they look beautiful on their own. Consider a cascading bouquet of orchids for a classic look or hibiscus for something fun. Mimic your bouquet with a gorgeous long floral table runner. 

Floating Flowers

Chances are there will be plenty of water around your tropical wedding venue; make the most of it with floating flowers. If you are getting married next to a pool, create a tranquil space by adding flowers and floating candles to the water. If you don’t have any ready made pools of water you can easily create them by filling large shallow bowls with water and floating flowers. You can use these as centerpieces or place them on your guestbook table and bar. 

Outrigger Canoe

If you are getting married in a Polynesian country adding a cultural element such as an outrigger canoe can be a really fun and memorable piece for you and your guests. Fill your canoe with ice and champagne to keep your guests cool and refreshed. You can also set it up for your guests to take photos in. 

Couture Cocktails

Skip the traditional cocktail umbrella and go for something a little more elegant. Ask your bartender to add flourishes to your specialty drinks. Add flora like hibiscus, plumeria, orchids, or small palm fronds to your cocktail glasses. If you don’t want to add fresh flowers to your drinks opt for tropical fruit. Things like dragon fruit, lychee, and starfruit will look beautiful floating in your drinks. Small details like these help bring elements of design into all corners of your wedding. 

Woven Elements

Pay homage to traditional local craft with woven elements. Welcome your guests to the tropics with woven welcome bags filled with local goodies. Your guests will love the warm welcome and it gives you the opportunity to showcase the things that made you fall in love with the tropics. Continue the welcoming gesture at the ceremony, by giving each of your guest a woven fan to keep them cool and take home as a souvenir. Bring the woven elements into your decor by serving you canapes in woven baskets, place escort cards into large woven platters to use as a seating chart, or use woven chairs to frame your tables. 

White Linen

White is a classic wedding color for a reason. It is clean, timeless, and can elevate any space no the next level. When choosing things like linen colors for your tropical wedding consider how they will look with the other colors you decorate with. If you are having an outdoor ceremony and reception white can serve as a frame for the natural beauty around you. 

Muted Dishware

Having too many bright tropical colors can quickly go from fun to tacky. If you don’t want to give up color completely, go for muted tones. Muted tones of blush, green, blue, and taupe will complement any brighter colors. Try using these colors in things like dinnerware, napkins, menus, and invitations. Keep the bright colors in your cocktails, bouquet and other floral arrangements. 


If you want to add some magic to your wedding think about adding some lanterns. There is nothing quite like the romance of soft flickering light at dusk. You can place lanterns on the perimeter of your outdoor wedding in the trees, or on stands and watch as the light dances in the trees. If you are getting married near the water, you can use floating luminaries as your guestbook. Have your guests write their hopes for you, as a couple, on the paper surrounding the candle and have them place the luminaries into the water. By the end of the night your guests will have helped you create some seriously stunning mood lighting and you will have treasured memories to look back on forever.

We hope you enjoyed these ideas for your Tropical Destination Wedding! If you want to learn more about our Destination Planning Services, visit our website. In the meantime, view this gorgeous Tropical Destination Wedding in the Dominican Republic!

Written by Rachael Meader for Rachael Ellen Event


10 Decor Ideas for your Tropical Destination Wedding

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