Today we are sharing five authentic ways to make your Destination Wedding in Greece a party to remember!

For the dreamers out there, there’s nothing more romantic than a Greek-themed wedding draped with dreamy whites and delicate olive tones, sprawling greens, and stone architecture. Below are a few of our favorite ways to keep the fun going and the memory-making flowing during your wedding and reception while staying authentic to your gorgeous Destination Wedding location!

1. Your Wedding is a Celebration

The Greeks, as a rule, love to dance–especially at weddings–and this celebratory dancing is often accompanied by a ringing, “OPAH!” from the happy crowd.  Make sure your guests know that at this party, it’s totally okay to let their hair down and make a little noise! One way to make the dancing scene more festive is to hire a live band. You won’t be sorry.  Live music can’t be beat and adds a unique flair to your typical modern dance party. Also notable is the Greek tradition of “the dollar dance,” a twist on the first dance for the happy couple where loved ones come forward and pin dollar bills to the couple’s clothes or stuff their pockets. We haven’t come up with any cons to this tradition yet. You’re welcome.

2. Let’s Eat

 While there are countless delicious greek food items to choose from, there are lots of subtle ways for you to add a Greek flair to your reception refreshment table without the hassle of roasting a lamb on a spit. Not that we’re discouraging that, of course! For an outdoor party, greek kabobs will be easy for guests to grab and enjoy while mingling, and help establish a more casual feel, as opposed to a sit-down dinner. For another casual dining experience, set up an oil and vinegar tasting table, complete with dipping bread and fruit. Can you say elegant? After all of the savory treats, don’t deprive yourself of dessert. For a authentic Greek dessert, try famous Greek Wedding cookies, or delicious Loukoumades, small finger food doughnut balls. You might even say they’re the food of the gods. And newlyweds.

3. Decor

If you’ve chosen a Greek theme for your wedding, it’s safe to say that you have an eye for classic beauty, as well as an appreciation for a slight old world flair. Lucky for you, there are endless unique ways to dress up your reception. Tall, hand dipped candles are a beautiful way to add both beauty and aura to your reception whether you choose to light them or not. Another one of our favorite ways to dress up a Greece Wedding is with lots and lots of greens. Olive branches tucked into table vases, trailing vines over the wedding arch, and of course, homage to the famous Greek laurel wreaths in the flower girls’ crowns. 

4. Thank You Gifts

After your beautiful day is over, give your oh-so-lovely guests something to remember it by–but don’t make them wait until you’re gone to start enjoying it! Decorative drinking glasses are a fun way for your guests to enjoy a delicious beverage bar, and are easy to personalize with initials, or your favorite quote. You can choose from a variety of styles like vintage soda bottles or wine glasses, and encourage your guests to use them to mix their own fun drinks! Make sure your mixing bar is accessible to your guests!

5. The Sendoff

After an unforgettable night celebrating the love of your life and your future together, there’s not a more perfect way to end the night with a beautiful, exciting send off. One way to celebrate your perfect day with a bang (while sticking with your amazing theme) is to provide your closest friends with bags of olive leaves to shower you and your lover with as you make your way to the getaway car. For a more budget-friendly option, provide a mixed bag of leaves, like bay leaves, olive leaves, and eucalyptus.

We hope that more than anything, you enjoy every second of your wedding day. Dance the dances, (especially if it’s the dollar dance) cry all the happy tears, take the extra picture because it will be worth it,  and enjoy the best day of your life. OPAH! You’re married!

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Written by Brecklyn Winder for Rachael Ellen Events


Opah! Planning a Destination Wedding in Greece

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