As we are gearing up for an exciting 2018 wedding season, we can’t wait to get our hands on some gorgeous seasonal blooms! Our romantic designs are the foundation of our brand and this strong foundation anchors our designs.

Flowers add romance and elegance in a way that no other detail quite does. As we begin to prep and finalize floral plans for this season, we are loving all of the fresh, new concepts for this year.

Below, we have rounded up a few ideas to make your 2018 wedding florals stand out!


Petite Bouquets

One of the biggest trends for this coming year are “petite” bridal bouquets. More brides are choosing to carry small bouquets that highlight their gown and waist instead of large, billowy blooms. This style is also popular with the Royals and can be seen in Kate Middleton and Megan Markel’s wedding days! We love the concept of a small bouquet with a meaningful type of flower. Consider carrying your mother or grandmother’s favorite as a way to honor them!


(Heather Nan Photo, Soil & Stem Bouquet, Rachael Ellen Events Styling)


Single Type Bouquets

Classic and traditional rose or orchid bouquets are making a huge comeback. This design pairs perfectly with any modern, chic, or romantic design. An all rose bouquet looks great for a garden wedding while an orchid bouquet is perfectly fitting for a modern art museum celebration.


(Kenzie Victory Photography, Rachael Ellen Events Bouquet)



We are seeing a huge comeback of color! After seasons of muted neutrals dominating the floral scene, this year we predict more and more brides will take their florals in a more colorful direction. When considering color, be sure to think about transitional colors. Rather than opting for a white and purple bouquet, use white, blush, mauve, and purple. This way, there will be tones to bridge the gap between your darkest and lightest colors.


(Kenzie Victory Photography, Rachael Ellen Bouquet)


Long Tables

For the past few years, long farm tables have been a huge hit in the event design world. We have seen many of our clients opt for a more refined look. Many of our brides are selecting luxe, linen covered long tables. These pair perfectly with gorgeous florals and romantic candles. Brides are opting for several centerpieces down the length of the table rather than greenery garlands. This concept plays with varying dimensions and volumes and gives long tables a romantic touch.


(India Earl Photography, Rachael Ellen Events Floral & Design)


(As Ever Photography, Rachael Ellen Events Floral & Design)


(Mary Claire Photography, Floresie Florals, Rachael Ellen Events Design)



If minimalism is your thing and you would prefer a more simple, understated tablescape, a floral installation might just be the thing for you! We are seeing many clients this year opt for minimal table designs paired with impactful table overhangs. These overhang installations, often created out of branches and flowers incorporate a raw and organic element to the design allowing for optimal romance and ambiance.


(Kenzie Victory Photo, Rachael Ellen Events Floral & Design)


(Eden Strader Photography, Rachael Ellen Events Floral & Design)


(Mary Claire Photography, Rachael Ellen Events Floral)


We can’t wait to see how our 2018 couples use these styles! View more of our past work here!

Written by Alexis Eichers for Rachael Ellen Events




2018 Floral Trends

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