A unique wedding send-off is the perfect way to wrap-up your unforgettable night. Send-offs can reflect your personal wedding style and love story and put the perfect cap on a wonderful night! Choosing to do a send-off is a great way to involve your guests in one of the most memorable moments of your celebration.


We have rounded up a few of our favorite sendoff ideas to help inspire your own!


Planning The Perfect Sendoff



We love the unique photo op that the sparkler sendoff creates. This sendoff is a fun, high energy option for your event and totally classic!

Planning tip: Select extra-long sparklers for this sendoff. This will ensure that everyone’s sparklers are still burning throughout the sendoff. We also recommend having bucket of water on hand for guests to put their sparklers in as they fizzle out. 


 (Photo by Mani Nelson)


Ribbon Wand

The ribbon wand send-off is a great option for both indoor and outdoor sendoffs. This sendoff is another great way to involve guests of all ages in your event. Many venues won’t allow sparklers or sendoff options that create a mess, so having a clean but cute option on hand is perfect!

Planning tip: Ask your wedding planner to choose ribbon colors that reflect your event’s color pallet. We love the idea of a girls night with your bridal party to create these wands!


(Photo by Mikki Platt)



Throwing petals is another beautiful way to create a grand exit at your event. You can personalize this sendoff by choosing flowers that reflect the floral elements of your wedding. This is a bonus because it is natural and therefore allowed at most venues.

Planning tip: Communicate a post-sendoff cleanup plan with your venue or wedding planner. We also recommend creating small toss cones for easy pass out and tossing!


 (Photo by Kenzie Victory)



A lantern sendoff is a beautifully elegant way to end your event. You can choose to have just the bride and groom light a lantern, or have lanterns available for your guests as well.

Planning tip: Make sure venue staff members are available to help your guests light the lanterns. Be sure to know the rules in the area. Many venues can’t allow lanterns as they can be a hazard for the surrounding areas. 


 (Photo by Kenzie Victory)



Fireworks are the perfect way to create a grand-finale style sendoff. This sendoff will undoubtedly be one of the most dazzling elements of your event.

Planning tip: Select a location for this sendoff with a great view of the sky so your guests can enjoy the fireworks. We suggest timing the show to music for an elevated effect! 


(Photo by Mary Claire)


Written by Melissa Ingersoll for Rachael Ellen Events


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Planning The Perfect Wedding Sendoff

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