This past spring, we had the honor to design and style talented Photographer Heather Nan’s photography workshop. We talked about creating a design that was timeless, classic, feminine, and slightly regal. What we ended up creating was The Royal Wedding done Rachael Ellen Style.


The Royal Wedding Done Rachael Ellen Style


We kept the design soft and romantic but with a classic, sophisticated edge. The florals were wild and feminine, the paper details luxe, and the bridal style utterly timeless. Additional details such as the vintage Rolls Royce and the champagne tower made for an utterly regal deign.


While we adored the classic feel of the most recent royal wedding, we would have opted for a little more romance and old world charm in the florals and details. The photos below show our take on regal, romantic, and timeless design.



Photogrpahy by Heather Nan from her Illume 2018 Workshop

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The Royal Wedding Done Rachael Ellen Style

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