Picture this: you are in the ballroom of a ski lodge nestled between the slopes of frost-covered mountains. Outside, snow swirls and dances among the branches of pine trees, mimicking the flickering candles that bathe the room in gold. Rich satin bows secure slippery silk frocks hidden under fur stoles. Little girls and boys roast marshmallows over a crackling fire while their parents sip mulled wine from glass mugs. The room is filled with the buzz and excitement that cannot be recreated outside the holiday season. But you aren’t at any old holiday gathering–it’s your wedding day.



A winter wedding! The dead heat of summer has us pining for the cooler days and chic events at ski resorts and family cabins. If that scene didn’t cause you to at least consider getting married in the winter, then perhaps one of the following eight reasons will.


Winter is effortlessly romantic

Imagine you in your white dress against a backdrop of shimmering white snow: it’s unique, glamorous, and universally flattering. With the sun setting earlier, you will also have more control over lighting. If you are in a rural area, you will be able to enjoy a starry sky by early evening. Want to have a fireworks show? You will have the perfect black canvas to light up.



Your budget will thank you

Look, flowers are a wedding staple. We know that. But they can also be really pricey! What about intermixing those flowers or replacing them with season-appropriate greenery? Aromatic eucalyptus and lavender, olive tree branches, and Boston ferns make sophisticated, seasonal centerpieces. Furthermore, your venue will likely already be decorated for the holiday season, which reduces the amount of time and money you have to spend on décor.




Your friends will thank you

If you get married in the spring or summer, odds are your wedding won’t be the first (or the last) your friends will attend that season. What a buzzkill it would be if your wedding guests were already suffering the disenchantment and fatigue of repetition before it was your turn! On the contrary, you deserve to be the highlight of the season.

If you really want to maximize your attendance, celebrating your wedding in the winter means your friends and family are less likely to be on vacation. Side note: if eating frozen leftovers for the rest of the year doesn’t sound appealing, have your wedding in a season during which people are more indulgent with their diets. They will silently thank you.



The off-season yields your choice of vendors and venues

For summer weddings, couples find it particularly difficult to book their favorite vendors. Getting married during the “off-season” helps maximize the odds of snagging your top choices. In the winter, your favorite caterer is more likely to be available the same day as your preferred photographer, videographer, DJ, etc. Likewise, booking your dream venue for the exact date you want it is a more realistic goal during the winter months.



The holiday season allows for unique details

Forget the typical pastel color palette. If you get married during the winter, you will have license to all kinds of unique details. Embrace a richer color palette. Trade out the gelato station for a hot chocolate or apple cider bar. Make use of outdoor space with a roaring fire, letting guests stay warm while enjoying the crisp, refreshing air. If you get married before Christmas, tie in elements of the Christmas season–use pine trees decked out with ornaments or decorated with simple string lights. Occupy your guests’ children in a separate room with cookie decorating and a Christmas movie–consider hiring a Santa to come entertain them!



Mother Nature will be on your side

I know what you’re thinking. How could the weather be “on your side” during the dead of winter when temperatures are frigid? The answer can be summed up in one word: predictability. Nothing is more worrisome than planning a summer outdoor wedding and fearing rain (or extreme heat or humidity or wind…you get the point). You could have a tent at the ready to hedge your risk, but if you don’t end up needing one, it becomes an expensive sunk cost. Heat and humidity create a particularly difficult challenge for florists, while a hot and bright sun are problematic for photographers.

Most importantly, don’t give Mother Nature the opportunity to mess up your look! If you feel beautiful, you will look beautiful–avoid the pain of putting on a full face of makeup and then walking out into the blazing sun…or perfecting your hairstyle and then watching as the humidity turns it into something out of a horror movie.

In cooler temperatures, your makeup will stay intact for much longer, and your hair won’t take on a mind of its own. In fact, the cold actually reduces puffiness and gives your face a natural flush.



The fashion options are endless

Where do we begin? First of all, winter fabrics are to die for…fur/faux fur, velvet, satin, silk, etc. You could play with layering–mixing fabrics and silhouettes–something you definitely couldn’t do in the summer. Silk capes and fur stoles, for example, complement wedding gowns beautifully and create a more dynamic and varied look. Winter is also perfect for a black tie event, which is pure glamour and sophistication.



A tropical honeymoon will be even more special

Enjoy the best of both worlds. A tropical vacation is particularly relaxing when it breaks up the long winter season–the same applies for honeymoons. Imagine escaping the snow for the beach after the unavoidable stress of planning a wedding. It’s the perfect way to really relax and begin your married life on a positive note. And, your trip will be less pricey and crowded than it would be during the summer. What more could you wish for?



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Written by Emily Crowder for Rachael Ellen Events





The Pros To Having A Winter Wedding

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