Liv and Justin were to be married in the spring in Arizona. This meant they would be taking formal photos beforehand in Utah where they were living. Flowers change seasonally so much around that time of year. I wanted to come up with a palette that would bridge the gap between winter and spring. I also wanted to use a palette for her Winter Bridal Bouquet that could transition from one season to the next, even if availability changed.

When considering flower types, my go to resource is the Putnam & Putnam Flower Color Guide book. I find it to be so helpful when pairing together my foundational, gestural, and textural flowers! For Liv’s Winter Bridal bouquet, I used a variety of blooms and shades. I created the foundation out of soft pink peonies and added a bit of round shape with caramel antike roses. From there, I added in mauve hellebore, white majolica roses, and soft white sweet pea. When it came time for the wedding, the only bloom that I wasn’t able to get my hands on were the peonies. Instead, I used Myabi and Distant Drum roses. These both added a lovely touch to the overall design.

To finish off the bouquet, I wrapped it with a zip tie – my pro trick! Then wrapped the tie with raw silk ribbon. Liv chose this stunning French blue ribbon that tied the entire design together.

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Winter Bridal Bouquet